Daniel Biro has been writing and producing music for film, TV, theatre and dance companies since 1990.

Of Hungarian/Croation descent, Biro grew up in Italy France and has been living and working in London since 1985. During his keyboard studies at the Jazz Conservatory of Monaco (under the direction of Roger Grosjean) and Nice University (France) he put together a series of experimental projects and wrote the music for several theatrical productions. This resulted in an early use of electronic instruments and an interest in multi-disciplinary performance, which is reflected in all his work.

In the 1980s and 90s Biro formed pop-rock bands such as the electro outfit IC and L’Orange with French vocalist songwriter Véronique Joly. He also toured worldwide as a keyboard player with Dennis Greaves’ The Truth and EMI-signed Big Bam Boo.

In 1993 Biro founded the Sargasso label to promote contemporary experimental music in all its forms, organising regular live Sargasso:C events, most recently at London’s arts centre Kings Place. He plays and records with his jazz/psychedelic band Mysteries Of The Revolution formed together with multi-instrumentalist Peter BB Davis, with whom he also runs the music/film production company Hole In The Wall and the Ambient Arts Agency design group. He is also currently president of the CAMAC Art Centre in France.

Throughout the years, he has collaborated with many filmmakers, especially with cult French documentary director Olivier Sarrazin, for whom he has written a number of scores. He has also been very much involved with contemporary dance, notably with choreographer Jane Turner with whom he has developed new real-time interactive dancers/musicians technologies based on Emergence Theory, where simple patterns generate complex results. He has also worked on numerous commercial and corporate commissions.

As well as his on-going experimentation as a performer/improviser, he has been working as a sound-designer for installations and inter-disciplinary events. He has released several CDs on Sargasso and other labels.

Biro’s admiration for film composers such as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Ron Grainer, Jerry Goldsmith as well as contemporary ones like Steve Reich, Brian Eno, John Cage together with his love of jazz and rock artists (Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Keith Jarrett) has led him to develop his own unique voice in today’s musical landscape.